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This is the most technically sophisticated of the Holden cars. The VR Commodore series was first seen 45 years after the first Holden car was ever launched. It replaced the VP model wherein only 20 percent of the old VP model exterior remained and mechanical changes were introduced for further improvement.

What makes the VR stand out is its rounded rear wheel arches that give the car a noticeably different contour. There is a “twin port” grille that was inspired by the 1953 FJ model.

VR Commodore enjoys advanced safety features

Safety is one of the outstanding features of the VR. There is a driver-side airbag, independent rear suspension (IRS), and antilock brakes. This airbag was a standard feature of the Calais but in other models, this can be fitted at an extra cost. All VR models are proudly made with primary and secondary safety features, making it unique among the other cars in the family price range. There are webbing clamps found on the front seatbelts. Having clamps in this area can reduce the risk of suffering from head and chest injuries. Meanwhile for sedans, there is a lap/sash safety belt for use by the one sitting at the centre rear passenger seat. Another safety inside feature is the soft-form instrument panel that was created to wrap around into the door trims.

The all-new VR Commodore sports a fresh steering wheel that features a two-way adjustable column. The air conditioning system is now free of ozone-depleting chemicals. You can easily control the mechanical, comfort, and security features with the GM-designed IPCM6 power train control module. Another important improvement is the body computer that is designed with sophisticated electronic security system. You only have to use your key to lock and unlock the electronic door and start the ignition system.

The engine of VR Commodore is powerful and boasts of better fuel economy and fewer harmful emissions. All engines are capable of pairing with the electronically controlled automatic transmission too. For improved ride and handling, the VR comes with extensive front suspension revisions and supported with an increased track and larger road wheels.

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