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The VY Commodore series is a range of cars produced by Australian car manufacturer Holden. The VY was the 12th update on the Commodore series, and it preceded the VX Commodore range. Like in any other Holden Commodore series, the VY was comprised of different car models such as the Executive, the Acclaim, the S, the SV8, the SS, the Berlina, and the Calais. Most of the cars in the VY Commodore range were marketed as sedans, with the exception of the Executive, the Acclaim, and the Berlina. These three were marketed as wagons.

VY Commodore: a top choice for sedan

Launched in 2012, the VY Commodore series has been updated to include a new sports sedan which had a lot in common with the SS’ features but at a cheaper price. The VY series went in a different direction from the earlier Holden Commodore versions when it comes to design, opting for more aggressive and angular lines, as well as a more streamlined rear end that improved the cars’ aerodynamics.

Moreover, there were changes made in the interior. The instrument panel was totally changed by implementing a cutting-edge design that included an instrument cluster in the shape of a binnacle filled with digital displays, as well as a sleek centre console and a compact steering wheel. Commodore prides itself on being “a true driver’s car,” and it shows with the incorporated changes it has made with the VY Commodore series.

Some of the changes that Holden made can be felt significantly in the chassis, built, powerplant, and security measures. This can be seen in the way the steering wheel was more precise in its performance. The noticeable changes can be felt across the range and in the improved performances of the following features: Blaupunkt audio systems, automatic headlamps, dashboard wipers, and passenger airbags. The VY Commodore series also added lumbar support in the passenger seat, a sunglasses holder, and reading lamps in the rear all across the board. The Acclaim and Calais models had head restraints placed on its front seats.

All of these refinements contributed to the improvement of the performance of the VY Commodore series in terms of handling and safety.

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