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Many called it the “facelift” but it was more than that. The VL series Commodore was an overhaul, having undergone major interior and exterior improvements the most important of which was the introduction of a completely novel and imported six-cylinder engine. Also, the VL Commodore had incorporated a four-speed automatic transmission that was electronically controlled.

Changes in the sheet metal were found at the front and the rear. The front sported a lowered front-end appearance. Meanwhile, the rear had an integral air foil. Going inside, the remodeled interior featured a binnacle-style instrument panel. Calais, the top-of-the-line Holden, was quite different having a semi-concealed headlights and transparent grille.

The VL Commodore boasts of top quality engine

The VL was a controversial model in the beginning. The reason was its use of a Japanese engine. However, as soon as the public found out that this “new” engine resulted to a more refined and much improved Commodore with a sensational drivetrain, the fuss eventually died. The high-tech 3-litre engine used a lower octane unleaded fuel. Despite this, the base model still demonstrated 33 percent more power and 15 percent better fuel economy than the previous.

The new engine made VL Commodore smoother and quieter. In addition, it was more responsive and has more power. Both the manual and automatic transmissions indicated a reach of up to 200 km/h.

Because of these significant changes, the VL made Holden regain its first place as the choice of the private buyers, this notwithstanding that Holden was outsold by Falcon when it comes to the fleet market.

VL Commodore even became more powerful when it received an optional turbo charger in July 1986. Then, after a few months, Holden announced an unleaded fuel version of its carburetted V8. Calais wagon and fuel-injected Group A sedan were the model’s two low-volume variations, both built in 1988. The Group A sedan was manufactured by the then newly-formed Holden Special Vehicles. It was designed for car racing and came with a five-speed manual gearbox. The limited edition Group A version was the last official product of the collaboration between Hold and Peter Brock’s HDT. The collaboration lasted for six years.

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