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On the fourth year after the VP Commodore’s release, this particular car has achieved 64,484 sales in 1990. It is Australia’s best-selling car ever since. Car legend Peter Brock used Holden products for his car events and competition around the world. Allan Grice and Win Percy were able to take home the second place title in a big car event. A young motorsport athlete named Mark Skaife made it even more famous when he won for the second time in the Australian Drivers Championship. Moreover, motorcycle champion Wayne Gardner also used a Holden Commodore at a Bathurst 1000 enduro race.

With all these accomplishments, you can already tell that Holden products have helped champion motorists in bagging several motor competitions all over the world. As a result of its obvious outstanding performance, the Commodore has been a consistent best-selling model in Australia.

VP Commodore: one fine innovation

What’s so good about the VP Commodore that several champions trust this model in helping them achieve their golds and first places? Here are some of the VP Commodore’s features that the champions love.
The famous VP Commodore champion features the following:

IRS System

This system was introduced in 1990 and became a standard on the VP Calais, SS models, Commodore Executive and Berlina. The VP engines were enhanced to reduce vibration and harshness of the engine. These improvements result in enhancing the ride quality, better manipulation, improved ride smoothness and reduced cabin noise.

Remote central locking

This technology includes engine management system disabling device, ignition cut-out and key-operated driver’s door or “deadlock” device. All these to ensure the safety of your VP Commodore against unwanted dangers!


The Holden engineers were able to install computers to the system of the VP Commodores, allowing better control of the power steering system, variable instrument dimming and an automatic “lights out” feature. This high technology computer has opened up more potential for the VP commodore. The computer allows the VP Commodore to have more sophisticated equipment for the future models. Talk about innovation!

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