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One of Holden’s most awarded and most successful car releases, the VN Commodore swept the annual motor magazine “Car of the Year” awards the year it was released. It was a major hit from the very first time it was introduced. In fact, in 1989, the VN Commodore put Holden back at the top of Australia’s best-selling car list.

VN Commodore: a very fine family car

The VN featured a rounded body but with rectangular, slim, and low profile headlights. The Holden badge is located in the grille’s centre except on Calais where it had a separate badge on the bonnet. “Aero” in style, the VN Commodore was a car for the whole family. Prior to its release, the smaller VB-VL models dominated Holden. The VN Holden was inspired from a German Opel design although it was widened and restyled for Australia. It was the localised version of a US design but created for Australian market. The electronic engine management system was Australian-developed.

Meanwhile, the engine was a V6 with a capacity of 3.8 litres. The electronically fuel-injected engine gave VN Commodore much power as the old carburettor V8. It had a longer wheelbase compared to a sedan. There was a version that had additional rear bench seat, transforming it into a seven-seater car.

Then, after the rest of the VN Commodore range was launched, the locally designed 5-litre V8 engine was introduced. It was considered as the most powerful mass-produced Australian engine to date. It was available as an option for all the range of VN Commodore.

In 1990, the luxurious Statesman and Caprice were launched. These models made Holden one of the most influential manufacturers on the luxury market. In many months, Holden outsold competitor Ford Fairlaine/LTD. The success was attributed to the V8 engine and on VN Commodore’s extended platform. The new models boasted of the then newly developed independent rear suspension system.

Later that year, the passenger car version of VN, called VG, made a comeback. At the same time, the limited edition Group A performance sedan was also introduced. It was developed in conjunction with HSV and Holden Motor Sport. When it was launched, the company introduced as well its first six-speed manual gearbox.

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