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What is it about VS Commodore that attracts car enthusiasts? Behind every great car is an interesting history behind it. Out of numerous clay designs and models, it was on November 1948 when Australia produced its first locally manufactured car, the Holden 48-215. In 1995, the ECOTEC allotted $20 million dollar investment to the first VS Commodore, which was then released in April.

VS Commodore: a pioneer in many ways

The VS Commodore is said to be the most powerful type of Commodore up to this date. Also, the VS Commodore is responsible for the uprise of the driver and passenger side airbags, which has been a great trend and undeniably advantageous for the motorists and the passengers ever since. The Holden plant in South Australia was able to set the record for vehicle production. It was able to produce 107,000 vehicles in a year. In 1996, Craig Lowndes drove a Commodore during the Australian Touring Car Championship and he became the first and youngest driver to win the competition.

Now that we have laid out some of the Holden highlights over the years, it is safe to say that Holden cars have been setting the car standards since 1948. The VS Commodore is definitely one of Holden’s prides. The title of Australia’s most awarded car was given to the VS Commodore for its outstanding performance for safe and general use. Here are some features of the VS Commodore that got its prestigious award.

The distinct features of the VS Commodore includes:

Dual Airbags

One of the main selling points of the VS Commodore is that it is built for safety and security of all motorists and passengers. The Holden engineers have continually improved the safety and security of the VS Commodore to cater all types of motorists. Whether it is a car use for a single person, for a family, for business purposes, etc.

Remote door lock control

Talk about outmost security, the VS Commodore also has a remote door locking control that allows motorists to ensure the safety of the car, everyone and everything in it. This door lock technology prevents intruders from coming in your car so you can always feel safe wherever you go with your VS Commodore.

Four speed automatic transmission

The Holden engineers revamped the four speed automatic transmission to enhance the throttle response and reduce the fuel consumption.

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