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One of the characteristics of a good and effective sports car, or any kind of car for that matter, is safety. A fast car could bring you the adrenaline of speed, but nothing is cooler than being safe and alive as well. That is why the VX Commodore was made with further enhancements that can bring you nothing but speed and safety.

The Holden Company strives to bring you the best car models to suit everyone’s lifestyle. For this, the company has received various awards and accolades. These recognitions have been helpful with the sales of Holden cars as Holden Commodore is Australia’s top-selling car for five years in a row. The acknowledgment continues in 2001 when Holden won the total market leadership and continued to be Australia’s top-selling car for its sixth year!

VX Commodore: safety and precision

The top-selling enhancements of the VX Commodore include:


The engineers of the Holden Company have come up with the ABS anti-lock brakes. This is the first in Australia for the family produced car. The ABS anti-lock brakes were applied on all car models because of its guaranteed effectiveness. The B-pillars were improved to give more protection from side-on collision type of accidents. The B-pillars were designed to reduce any crash impact away from the head, neck, and chest. The Holden engineers also incorporated energy-absorbing foam inside the doors to further reduce any hard impact.

Engineering refinements

The Holden Company works for perfection. That is why refinements are important for the car innovations. A few of the refinements made for the VX Commodores were the new and short-overhang bumper fascia, body-coloured rear décor panel, transparent tail lamps, and oval reflectors. There were also modifications with the engine like the driveshaft, suspension, and noise isolation for a much smoother and quieter ride.

Styling changes

Holden cars are known for their luxurious feel because of the classic exterior. The dual-textured leather steering wheel trim gives off a comfortable yet deluxe feeling for the motorists. The hues of the VX Commodore were colour coordinated to complement interior and exterior hues.

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